* Note: This post specifically relates to the design of the chat widget on our own website. It is still undergoing testing, but we’d like to gather some feedback before introducing it as a replacement for the current default design.

new vs old widget

Some of you might have noticed subtle changes to Zopim’s chat widget over the weekend. The original design of the widget hasn’t changed much since our launch in 2010. As we build up to the launch of Zopim 2.0, we’d be making our widget more attractive and user-friendly, so your website visitors would feel more comfortable starting a conversation with you.

The first phase is a light touch-up of our existing design. We’re taking a minimalistic approach to this. Wherever it’s possible for us to tastefully remove background colors, borders, etc.. from the original design, we’ve done it. We’ve also removed informational messages that we deemed redundant. By distracting the web visitor less, he / she can focus more on the (hopefully engaging) conversation with you =)

We’ve highlighted some of the changes below. Looking forward to your comments.

  1. Name headers
    The rounded background has been replaced with simple colored fonts
    Goodbye ugly name headers
  2. Buttons
    Button images replaced with CSS-styled buttons
    Images replaced with CSS-styled Buttons
  3.  Status Messages
    Removed non-critical status messages
    Non critical messages removed
  4. Larger font size, better contrast
    Better readability
    Bigger fonts, better readability
  5. Less prominent branding
    less prominent branding
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