It’s been a month of late nights (and more to come) as we stepped up to prepare for the launch of the new dashboard. I decided to take a breather this long Easter weekend and looked what I found!

Support Grinch!

I never got tired looking at the Support Grinch (who is actually Wenxiang, but who could tell) tight green suit, lime Mohawk hair and red tights. Unforgettable and charming at the same time, the Support Grinch had hordes of people crowding around him at any moment. As Cody from pointed out, he bears an uncanny resemblance to a modern day Sleestak!



Note: don’t let the smiley faces and hug photos fool you! The horrors from the epic battle between the Support Grinch and heroic players are still fresh in our minds. It took one entire day, hundreds of brave souls and countless attack tweets to finally transform the grouchy Support Grinch.

Onslaught of tweets!


  For those who needs a refresher, here’s how it all began..

How it all began….

And here comes the most burning question: who won the MacBook Air?? It’s none other than James, a Zopim paying user, who was earnestly sending telepathic hugs day and night, all the way from SPAIN! Not surprising why he managed to clinch the highest score and walked away with a MacBook Air! Congratulations James!

Oh and did we mention that we were picked up by Wall Street Journal and Austin360? We were also listed on the happenings and highlights of SXSW 2012 on various techblogs such as Pandodaily and All thanks to everyone of you who supported us! Hope you had some crazy fun too : )

And now.. back to the new dashboard ;p Have you signed up for beta access yet?

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