This is the first post in our user experience (UX) discussion series featuring our new dashboard. Many of you are really excited about the new dashboard and want a say in how it eventually turns out. So we thought it would be good for us to share our design considerations, and to have an open discussion with everyone involved. As usual, constructive feedback will be most welcomed:

  1. Highlight specific situations where your usability is compromised.
    e.g. “when I’m on a small netbook screen, I’m only able to see very few visitors”
  2. Leave out emotive, unqualified comments – they are likely to be overlooked
    e.g. “I like the brown look, it gives more OOMPH”

We serve 40,000+ businesses, and have the responsibility to make decisions benefitting the general user population. That means not everyone can be 100% satisfied. But we do aim to keep many of you reasonably delighted.

Summary: Give us your feedback, then give us your trust!


Episode One – New Dashboard, Fresh Beginning

As we close in on the release date of our brand new dashboard, we’re really keen to share some behind-the-scene discussions we had about User Interface (UI) improvements.

Having an existing dashboard was a great start, since we’ve gotten almost two years worth of user feedback / criticisms. The pain points that were highlighted became the reference point in our very first design iteration.

Pain points

For example, a major pain was that for a busy website, the “Visitor List” didn’t work too well, since it became rather long and disorganized. Serving customers on a first-come-first-served basis became a challenge as well.


This was why we added a prominent “Serve Next” button that immediately puts you in a chat with the longest-waiting visitor.

Serve Request

We also allowed you to neatly “Group” visitors (e.g. by country / by URL).

During the life cycle of the old dashboard, we’ve also been guilty of adding features that felt disjointed from the rest of the UI. With a revamped design, we had a chance to rethink how these features should work together. Factoring in our product roadmap, we also tried to future-proof our design as much as possible.

User Testing

After countless design iterations (and heated debates!), we arrived at our very first prototype last year, and were ready for early user testing. This was where we are thankful for the handpicked group of customers, who spent their precious time on Skype with our product team.

As we anticipated, there was a mixed reception to the initial prototype. While everyone loved the new clean look, we also got amazing feedback about common use cases we inadvertently overlooked. One of them is the ability to visualize how each and every visitor is moving through your website, in real time. We realized many of you love stalking.. er following visitors as they surfed from page to page (and it’s not really a bad thing). This inspired the new visualization feature on the dashboard. You can now stalk to your hearts’ delight.


In  future episodes, we will discuss some of these topics in further depth

  • Impact of Framework on UX
  • Scalable Visitor List
  • Efficient Chat Experience
  • Visualization

Get Early Access

[Update: 23 July 2012]

If you signed up for Zopim after 17 July 2012, you will automatically be brought to the new dashboard.

For users who signed up before 17 July 2012, read this post to see how you can easily switch to the new dashboard.

As we rolled out refinements and quick design changes on a bi-weekly basis, our pool of happy beta dashboard users also grew. We’re now confident of rolling this out on a larger scale. So here’s how you can get your hands on our spanking new dashboard:

  1. If you are the account owner, get early beta access by filling up the short form on
  2. Once this is done, all your agents would be able to access the beta dashboard on

There is a prominent “Feedback” button in the Dashboard. This goes straight to the product team. You can also leave your comments on this blog =)

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