This year we will be rocking SXSW in Austin again! And instead of just standing by a boring booth, we’ll be taking to the streets with a geolocation game called HugTheGrinch, which we conceived and developed in the last two weeks.

Here’s how it works, our co-founder (VP Partying / Engineering) Wenxiang will be dressed up as a super badass Support Grinch. He will be terrorizing the innocent civilians of Austin with his unsanitary vocabulary, outrageous hairdo and evil smirk.

Seeing all you happy pple makes me SICK!

Instead of punishing him for his crazy antics, we advocate reforming him through love and hugs. Log into to register and track down the Grinch. Find him, grab a photo of you hugging him, and tweet the picture! Even if you’re not at SXSW, you can still join in the fun by attacking the Grinch from afar.

Oh, did we mention AWESOME prizes? The top player walks off with a MacBook Air! There’ll also be many other prizes to reward the craziest players.

 Start hunting down the Support Grinch @

What about Zopim users?

We’d love the chance to meet many of you face-to-face, and talk about your experience with Zopim. Do approach the Grinch to say hi, and join in the fun. We’d much rather be handing the prize to one of our customers, so here’s what we’re doing:

  • We’re blogging about this before the game launches. This way, you guys can get a head start on
  • Once you’ve registered, verify yourself as a customer on this page.
  • From this point on, all your attack scores will be doubled!

We’ve also made some irresistible Grinch and Zopim apparel. Identify yourselves as a Zopim customer to get your hands on them! We have limited stocks, so grab em early!

Grinchy goodies for all

How this came about

Linking back to our business, customer engagement software is only part of the equation for customer happiness. We often see you, our users inject great passion, humor and spontaneity when using Zopim to chat with their customers. This reinforces our belief that true customer joy can only be delivered when people within the organization are positively happy. This was why we embarked on a campaign to eliminate the Grinch in ourselves / organizations, and spread joy, happiness and positivity through hugs.

It’s no secret that our development team has been working on a new state-of-the-art HTML5 dashboard. Using the backend infrastructure, and knowledge we’ve amassed over the past year, we’ve managed to conceive and develop this mobile game over two short weeks during our spare time, and (a lot) of post-office hours.

This game really won’t be possible without the hard work of our team here in Singapore. We’re blessed to have a great and fun-loving team. Don’t worry, no devs were abused in the last two weeks.  We kept everyone well-fed and fat.

It’s been a fun process for us, and we hope you’d have a rewarding time playing this at SXSW or from the comfort of your home.

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Qing-Ru Lim

VP Customer Experience and Cofounder at Zopim
Qing Ru leads the customer experience team at Zopim. A natural at social hacks, she careens towards customer engagement and market understanding, and never fails to provide a positive image for Zopim.

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