[Update 5 Jan 2012]

We’re pleased to update that the connection problems – that a small percentage of you have been facing – have been resolved.

It’s our responsibility to give everyone a reasonable account of what happened, but it’s quite a challenge given this topic requires a fair amount of technical knowledge. That being the case, we’ve provided the full tech explanation here (for the geeks), and a summarized version in the next paragraph.

Basically our new Domain Name System (DNS) service provider do not handle wildcard entries (using the *.something.com¬†notation) well. This resulted in some of our domains failing to resolve on some DNS servers (notably if you’re using Google’s public DNS service). Only a small portion of our users were affected, and pretty intermittently as well. We are in contact with our service provider to find out why this happened, and why their system even accepted those wildcard entries if they were not handled well.

Now that we’ve resolved the issue, we’re in contact with customers who raised complaints of such behavior to explain the situation, and work out a resolution. If you have been affected as well, do write in to us at feedback at zopim dot com. We’d be glad to assist!


Over the past couple of days, we’ve received a couple of reports of customers being unable to connect to Zopim since last Thursday, after we switched our domain name registrar as part of our anti-SOPA movement.

This is a common phenomenon known as DNS (domain name system) propagation delay, which typically happens after changes are made to DNS records.

Most users are unaffected by this. But if you are, you can try flushing your DNS records. The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Close all your internet browser windows.
  2. Flush your DNS cache (instructions can be found here).
  3. Restart your internet browser.

If the problem persists, please contact support at zopim dot com. We would need more information to diagnose the precise networking problem as it differs from case-to-case.

We really appreciate your patience on this!


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