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Imagine an Internet of Darkness

[Update 19 Jan 2012] Big thanks to all our users for supporting and understanding our stance. Your supportive tweets, link backs, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. We’ve reverted chat bubbles back to the default orange for all users. If you, like ourselves, wish to carry on protesting the bill, and raise the black... Read More

A flood of Friday Twitter love

Twitter love
How do you keep customer satisfaction levels high when intermittent disconnection issues have been happening the entire week? I’ve no clue but it seems like our CSRs have done the impossible again. The outpour of love from Twitter the last 24 hours was a strong testimony to our commitment to customer satisfaction. We can only... Read More

Connection problems resolved

[Update 5 Jan 2012] We’re pleased to update that the connection problems – that a small percentage of you have been facing – have been resolved. It’s our responsibility to give everyone a reasonable account of what happened, but it’s quite a challenge given this topic requires a fair amount of technical knowledge. That being... Read More

What is Zopim?

Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Our chat widget allows you to start genuine conversations with your visitors within minutes.

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