[Update - Mar 21, 2012]

The upgrade has been a success. We’ve already rolled this widget code changes out to all users. There’s no need to write in to us anymore to request for special permission =)

i.e. Fire up your website in iPad, and you should see the chat widget working just fine.


[Update - Jan 17, 2012]

Sorry to disappoint Android users at the moment. On android devices, there are some usability & connectivity issues which we’re in the midst of resolving. Watch this space for updates regarding this!


Many of you are probably aware that our chat widget was based partially on Flash (communication layer). This was why your visitors were previously unable to see, or use Zopim on mobile devices.

That was the past.

As of today, we are testing out a new version of our chat widget that works on mobile devices. However, because this is quite a significant change in infrastructure, we’re only testing it on selected accounts. The very first account to have this feature is.. well, our own account!

If you’re using an iOS or Android device, you should be able to see, and use our chat widget on the bottom right of all our webpages.

Caveat: There are many features which may not work well on mobile devices, e.g.

  • Sound notifications
  • Peripheral features such as banning, clear history, etc..
  • All mobile-based visitors will show up to be from “USA”. This is where our proxy is hosted.

Over time, we’ll fix all these problems, but we believe in the mantra of releasing fast, and releasing early for early feedback.

For this release, we’re focused on refining the chat functionality. This is the first of many other upgrades for the chat widget, including a new look and better UI.

If you are interested in helping us test this new version, do write in to support at zopim dot com with the subject,

Let me try the new chat widget!

One of our engineers will get back to you on this. Expect 1-5 working days for us to enable it on your account =)

Have a great 2012!

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