We are the first and only (for now) chat application to bash into vtiger’s extension marketplace! If you’re using vtiger, it’s your lucky day.

Read all about our integration with vtiger on their blog (pasted below). Want to know how to set it up? Get an account first before hopping right over to this guide


This is a guest post by Qing Ru, VP Marketing of Zopim. Zopim Live Chat is an affordable and simple chat tool for online businesses to engage visitors on their website.

Chat is an integral part of every online business’ sales conversion strategy. Potential customers who search the web and stumble upon your site may just have some nagging questions that can be easily put to rest via chat. To convert these potential customers, you need to engage them early, while they are on your site and win over their confidence – before they can even move on to another competitor’s website.

Zopim’s vtiger integration helps you capture these potential customers and makes it easy for you to pass them along into the vtiger CRM. Zopim is an award winning online chat tool for online businesses who sees the value of personal engagements with leads coming to their site.

How the Zopim-vTiger integration works

Every new lead that your sales agents chat with can be easily saved in vtiger CRM. When the chat conversation ends, a link automatically shows up, and clicking on it creates a ticket and contact for the new lead, with the email and chat history populated.


If an existing customer initiated the chat, his details will be retrieved from vtiger CRM automatically. Based on the email address entered, Zopim shows the customer’s name as well as a link to his full profile on vtiger CRM. So the sales agent can view the customer’s profile conveniently without having to search for it.


Make life simpler for your salesperson, empower them to them sell more while doing less. Sign up with a Zopim account to try the Zopim-vtiger CRM integration.

Once you have signed up for an account, a detailed guide on how to set up the integration is available here. For more screenshots and detailed walkthrough, this post will be beneficial.

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Qing-Ru Lim

VP Customer Experience and Cofounder at Zopim
Qing Ru leads the customer experience team at Zopim. A natural at social hacks, she careens towards customer engagement and market understanding, and never fails to provide a positive image for Zopim.

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