Zopim is the Rapleaf’s API Integration of the month! And it’s not a coincidence. We got the integration setup so easily and users have been really happy with advanced customer profiling they are getting ever since.

Last but not least, I want to share with you a post that Irina from Rapleaf wrote:


Zopim Personalizes Customer Service

Who has never experienced the frustration of time-consuming and infuriating customer service? You get on the phone, dial through endless automated messages and finally reach a real person only to find them treating you like any other customer.

Enter Zopim, a livechat service that businesses can use on their websites to chat with their web visitors and offer them better customer service. Any website can install the Zopim widget. In addition, Zopim provides its customers with basic but powerful information about their visitors – age, gender and location information powered by Rapleaf.

Zopim Rapleaf Integration

Zopim Personalizes to Customer’s Age

Seems like very basic information. How powerful can it be in personalizing and improving your experience? Let’s take a look.

Say you are a 25-year-old living in New York City and you contact your favorite shopping site’s customer service department to initiate a return. Usually, you have to spend some time in the beginning of your conversation to establish who you are and how familiar you are with their service so you can get a more personalized and quicker level of service. Would it not be great if the customer service rep knew how old you were and where you lived and you could skip that part altogether? From the moment you start communicating with her, she would already have a sense for who you are and could personalize her interaction with you.

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Qing-Ru Lim

VP Customer Experience and Cofounder at Zopim
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