We bet you never knew that 7.7 million women in the U.S. buy roses for themselves on Valentine’s Day. Or that the number of cards sent in the U.S. is enough to go around the world 5 times when laid end to end. Trace the billions of dollars that people around the world splurge on Valentine’s Day – and be surprised!

Despite the billions of dollars spent on Valentine’s day, fundamentally we all agree that money can’t buy happiness (well, maybe a little). If you’re feeling tight on the wallet this year, this guide should help. Shane Snow from Mint shares an extremely stingy useful flowchart on how to get the bang (no pun intended) for your buck.

Here’s another way to do Valentine’s Day: the Green way.

Guardian shared a pretty cool interactive that points out the way you can cut down your environmental impact this Valentine’s Day. It’s amazing the amount we consume, but this interactive can get a tad depressing – a more apt title might have been “How to kill the buzz in any V-Day tradition with depressing factoids about consumerism and waste”.

Hope you enjoyed the infographics above. If you’re still hungry for more, the last infographic below should satisfy your appetite, and maybe overwhelm you a little – just for you information junkies out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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