Patrick Allen, CEO of Webgreek and a daily Zopim user, shares with us how he builds great relationships with his customers by listening to and remembering everything they say, literally, with the Zopim-Highrise integration.


Pull your customers closer with every chat

The big secret to our success here at Webgreek really isn’t a secret, but more a common courtesy that’s unfortunately not so common anymore.

We listen, and what I mean by that is, we do everything we possibly can to really hear what our users are saying. When our customers have a thought, a question, or a dream feature, we are right here next to them to talk it out and discover how we can make our product better. With the latest integration of Highrise, Zopim brings us closer to our users than we ever thought imaginable.

Here’s how Webgreek is using the Highrise integration to improve the already great relationship with our customers, even more.

From 9am-6pm M-F, a real human being from Webgreek mans the Zopim post, giving our users instant chat access both from and once they have logged in to their account. Whenever a customer or potential user wants to chat, they can do so with one click.

Here’s a copy of a real conversation we had just yesterday.

As soon as the conversation is over, Zopim presents a nice little dialog that allows us to save the conversation directly to Highrise. If the email we provide is already in our Highrise account, the conversation is automatically tagged to the existing record. Seems trivial…so why are we so amped on the integration???

It’s cliche and I loathe the term, but it has to be said…we now have a “one stop shop” for all our customer service needs. From email and in person conversations to Zopim live chat, our team can instantly pull a customer profile and recount even the tiniest of details. Remember how great it felt the last time someone remembered your name even though you only met them for a brief second? Our customers feel that way everyday they connect with us and can expect to feel like that as long as they use Webgreek.

Get Zopim and integrate your Highrise account, so the next time a customer says “how did you remember that?” you can say, “because you matter more than anything to us and we are doing everything we can to actually listen to you.”

Trust me. It works.

Webgreek is a tool that helps fraternities and sororities manage their organizations online. After launching in the summer of 2010, they have grown to over 11k premium customers and continues to grow at a hearty clip.

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