Over the past couple of days, we’ve tested and rolled out a useful new feature.

You might have seen some basic information about your customers when starting chats. For those of you who may have missed it, it looks something like this:

Rapleaf Integration

We have partnered with Rapleaf to provide basic information (Age, Gender, Location) about your customers for free. All that is required is your customer’s email address. For those of you who have enabled the Chat Request Form (Dashboard > Settings > Chat Request Form), this feature should work well since we would have your customers’ email addresses.

The business value of this feature is to give you real-time insights about your customers. This approach allows you to take a more tailored approach when serving customers, and ultimately provide them with a more personalized chat experience. In the long run, this will translate to higher sales conversion and happier customers.

Do note that some of the data provided by Rapleaf may not be 100% up-to-date. For instance your customer may have migrated and Rapleaf’s “Country” information might still be from old records. For this reason, we suggest practicing discretion in using the information provided.

We’d love hearing what you think about this new feature. Love it? Hate it? Questions regarding it? Drop us your ideas / suggestions at feedback [at] zopim [dot] com!

* For customers concerned about privacy, Rapleaf has a page dedicated to privacy concerns.

* Some of you questioned if the “System” message is visible to visitors. Rest assured that only your agents can see these system messages.

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