* This tutorial assumes that you are already using Google Analytics and are familiar with the basics of how it works. If you’re new, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you understand and analyze your web traffic. A great tutorial on how it works is available here.

Today we’re announcing a new feature which is available across all accounts, free and paid =) Many of you use Google Analytics and it’s natural that you want to track your chat statistics within the familiar GA interface. This basic tutorial will guide you through how it works.

Perhaps the first question you’re asking is, “How do I set Zopim up to work with Google Analytics (GA)?”

The answer is simple, you don’t have to do anything! After you’ve copied Zopim’s script on all your webpages, our script will automatically detect if GA is present on your website, and report events to GA.

Let’s move on to how you can access this on GA.

  1. Log in to GA as per normal.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on “Content” > “Event Tracking” > “Categories”

    Accessing Chat-related Events

  3. At this point, you should see something like the screenshot below. The graphs here are an indication of the amount of chat activity on your website. Let’s drill down further to see what those chat activities are. Let’s click on “Zopim Livechat”

    Event Tracking Categories

  4. Within the ‘Zopim Livechat’ category, you should see the following list of ‘Event Actions’. The captions within this screenshot explains what these figures refer to.

    Zopim Chat Actions

  5. At this point, the figures are starting to become useful. This high level overview gives you a rough idea of how many conversations your agents are handling (per week / month). You can also derive what % of chat requests were eventually handled by your agents. But wait, there’s more.. You can drill down even further by clicking on either
    • Served by Operator OR
    • Chat Request Form submitted
  6. If you click on Served by Operator, you will see a breakdown of your operators, sorted by the number of conversations they have handled. It should look something like the following screenshot.

    List of Chat Operators

  7. Likewise, if you clicked on Chat Request Form submitted, you will see a breakdown of the departments that visitors requested to chat with. (This is only available if you have already set up departments under “Labs” > “Departments”)

    List of Departments

This concludes the basic tutorial of how you can use Zopim to track the effectiveness of your agents. There’s much more you can do within Google Analytics, including

  • Finding out which pages your visitors are initiating conversations on
  • Finding out which countries your visitors are initiating conversations from
  • Finding the breakdown of new vs repeat visitors that are chatting with you
  • Tracking the goal conversion rates of your support agents
  • and more!

Do look out for the advanced tutorial which will cover the above in the future. Seasoned GA users can try deriving the information above =)

This feature is still in beta. Please let us know if you’re encountering any glitches. Also, please feel free to share with us any ideas / thoughts you may have on improving our GA integration!

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