Update 5 August 2010, 0130GMT

What to do if you’re experiencing problems loading the dashboard

1) Clear your browser cache. Instructions for Firefox (Windows), Chrome (Windows)
2) Quit and restart your browser.

If you’re still unable to log into dashboard.zopim.com, use this URL: dashboard2.zopim.com for the time being. Once the old DNS records expire, you will be able to log back in on dashboard.zopim.com again.


As mentioned in an earlier email, we’ve officially started upgrading our server. Please check the (almost) real-time status updates here

Status of upgrade

0000GMT – Today’s upgrade is going to start early at 0030GMT instead of 0200GMT. Have informed all live users on the Dashboard.

0030GMT – Upgrade started. Switching over DNSes and DBs.

0040GMT – Looks like website has been switched over successfully.

0056GMT – Syncing databases

0130GMT – Database syncing done. Took a while longer than expected because of the sheer volume of data.

0150GMT – Having some problems with MySQL.. troubleshooting

0237GMT – Starting services and testing

0300GMT – Almost there.. most services up and running

0315GMT – And we’re up.. Some of your visitors could still be loading our old files from their browser cache. The DNS records are still being updated, so a few visitors could still be directed to our old server. In these cases, the chat widget will not show us.  This should be completely resolved over the next few hours.

Description of upgrade

The upgrades include acquiring better machines and also geographically distributing our architecture. You will see the following improvements:

1) Faster loading of chat widget
2) Fail-over should any server go down
3) The loading of your website will be unaffected even in the rare cases that Live Chat does go down
4) Increased redundant capacity, which will ensure better performance of our service

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