[UPDATE: Due to breaking changes from Skype, Google Talk, and AIM, we have no choice but to stop integration of IM clients. Please read this post for more details].

It’s probably not new to everyone that Zopim works awesome with the 4 major Instant Messaging (IM) networks out there, namely Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo and AIM. However, the challenging part was getting your IM set up properly. The common complaints we got were

  • Hey, your IM chat bots did not add us as buddies
  • Your bots are appearing offline!

As you can imagine, the biggest challenge during the setup process was getting our chat bots to add you as a buddy and getting you to accept that invitation regardless of which IM network (Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM) you’re using and regardless of which IM Client (Pidgin, Meebo, Live Messenger, GTalk, etc..) you’re using.

We have since revamped the infrastructure to fix the above problems, and the new IM setup process is as follows. On the Dashboard, under “Settings” > “Instant Messaging (IM)”

  1. Select your preferred IM network
  2. A Zopim bot will be assigned to you. Add him (her?) as a friend.
  3. Send him (her?) a message as indicated. (#setup <key>)
  4. That’s it!
Add bot to your IM

Add bot to your IM

Our servers would handle everything else. Other chatbots will request to your friends. Once you’ve accepted their invitations, they will start forwarding chat requests to you.

For our existing users, rest assured that this implementation won’t affect you guys. Chats will still be transferred to and from your Dashboard to IM, and you can still use commands and shortcuts like #help to make replying easier via IM. Check out this short video to understand how commands and shortcuts work: Reply via IM video

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