Earlier today, we tweeted that

Zopim is currently down due to an issue with vps.net ->http://status.vps.net/?p=61 – hopefully it is resolved soon.

Our service is now back up. We will be monitoring the situation and keeping in contact with our hosting provider to get more information regarding the outage.

We do apologize for the downtime that some of you experienced, sorry!

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Royston Tay

Royston Tay

Chief Executive Dude at Zopim
Royston is CEO and Co-Founder of Zopim. He spends his time envisioning how Zopim can help other businesses by providing simple, yet effective products. When he's free, Royston dreams of being back in Tahoe, tumbling down the double black diamonds with his trusty snowboard.
Royston Tay

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