For our users who have been used to the old visitor list, you must be wondering why there are suddenly so little visitors on that list. Don’t worry, your website traffic didn’t suddenly dip! Here’s why..

Many of you are interested in talking only visitors who are actively surfing on your site. So there really isn’t a need to clutter your list with idle visitors who might be away from their computers or surfing on some other website. So by default, our visitor list now shows only active surfers. Don’t worry, you can still choose to snoop on or stalk your idle visitors =) Simply click on the radio button above the visitor list that says ‘show all visitors’. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like!

Credit to our hosting sponsors at VPS.NET for urging us to roll out this feature. To all our users out there, keep your suggestions coming =)

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Royston Tay

Royston Tay

Chief Executive Dude at Zopim
Royston is CEO and Co-Founder of Zopim. He spends his time envisioning how Zopim can help other businesses by providing simple, yet effective products. When he's free, Royston dreams of being back in Tahoe, tumbling down the double black diamonds with his trusty snowboard.
Royston Tay

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