<This will work for all IM Clients that allows you to forward messages to your mobile phone. Unfortunately for AIM and GTalk, this feature is only available within the US>

Are you looking for a chat solution that helps you stay connected to visitors on your website even while you’re not online? Call it Live Chat on-the-go, Mobile Sales Support, Mobile Web Chat, etc.. what you essentially want is – when your visitors leave you a chat message on your webpage, you’d be able to respond in real-time via Text Messaging or Instant Messaging.

We’ve previously already mentioned how you can do this using reply-via-im especially if you have a mobile IM-client like MSN / Gtalk on your phone.

What about Text Messaging / SMS? That’s the question many of our users have been asking. Actually you can set Zopim up to do this pretty easily, just like our customers at MyLuci.com has done, at a low cost (Only in the US).

  1. Get yourself an unlimited Text Messaging mobile plan so that you don’t blow your phone bill.
  2. Hook Zopim up to your favorite IM client that forwards messages to your phone for free. (So far GTalk and AIM have been proven reliable). Instructions on how to do this are here.
  3. Configure your IM client to forward offline messages to your phone. Here are instructions for Gtalk and AIM.
  4. ┬áThat’s it!
Now you can truly provide support for your website visitors on the go.
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