Zopim Is Now a Zendesk Company!

We’ve got some big news at Zopim, and we want to share it with you, our beloved customers. The Dream In 2008, we started Zopim with the vision of changing the way businesses communicate with their customers online. We re-imagined live chat and the chat widget design. Since coming out of beta in 2010, we’ve... Read More

4 Reasons Why you Should Use Twitter for Customer Service

Great customer service is an integral part of any successful business. Getting your product or service out to consumers is only the first step. After that, you want to be sure you are doing everything you can to provide an enjoyable and seamless experience for your customers. It’s important for them to feel assured that... Read More

Heartbleed Security Update: Here’s What you Need to Know

On Monday, April 7th, a major security vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSSL software library. Dubbed “Heartbleed“, this bug affects roughly two thirds of the internet who use the OpenSSL software to send secure communications.   What have we done to secure Zopim? Immediately after learning about the bug, our engineers took all necessary steps to patch... Read More

6 Tips for the Best Online Customer Support

Efficient and effective online customer support is crucial to keeping prospective clients engaged. Without assistance your prospective customer might not get the attention and answers they need to convert into loyal ones. Customers become loyal to a brand when they feel their needs are being consistently met, they’re being guided in the right direction, and... Read More

Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Ever since Zopim launched we’ve made it one of our top priorities to provide users with simplicity and transparency when using our services. To keep to that promise we’d like to inform everyone of a few changes we’re making to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. First, we’ve updated our Terms of Service to... Read More

9 Reasons To Use Live Chat Software On Your Site

We’ve talked a lot about why live chat support is so important for your business. In today’s post our partner, Col Skinner from Profoundry, is going to explain why he is such an avid live chat software user  and why he thinks it’s essential for your website. I’m an avid advocate for live chat software, as you... Read More

Spotlight: Asons Solicitors Impresses with Live Chat

In previous pieces I’ve looked at why we wanted live chat and how we prepared for the launch. So with Zopim up and running, the next step is to let you know how the launch went… On your marks… We decided the introduction of our new website should coincide with the integration of Zopim, and at... Read More

Customer Service Hours Temporarily Shortened – Zops Training Next Week

UPDATE: Unfortunately our CSRs won’t be available on live chat today. They’ll be back tomorrow. If you need any help in the meantime, please send an email to support@zopim.com or tweet us (@Zopim). It’s that time of year again! Our customer support team will be having training and sharing best practices all throughout the coming... Read More

The Sales Pitch – Not your Average Baseball Throw

We’ve all encountered that salesman who seems to have a singular talent in babbling incessantly on and on about his company’s product. Or the CSR who is obviously trying too hard to sell his product to you over the phone. At best, you might be slightly more convinced about the awesomeness of their product (slightly... Read More

Scheduled Maintenance – 23 March, 1am to 6am (GMT)

On 23 March 2014, from 1am to 6am  (GMT) / 22 March, 9pm to 23 March, 2am (EST), our engineers will be performing routine maintenance on our servers. During the scheduled maintenance period we anticipate minimal disruption to chat services and overall Zopim functionality should remain intact. Although there might be momentary disconnections for some... Read More
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